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Schools Library Service (SLS)

The Service Offer

Subscription Services  Buy as You Need Services

We support Government and Ofsted objectives and help you save on curriculum and reading resources 


  • It’s cheaper to borrow books from us. The average cost of a new book is £8, the average price to borrow one of ours is just £2
  • Our staff ensure books are up to date, relevant and of the highest quality
  • Our services are wide ranging and diverse in their appeal to students at every key stage, helping to raise both awareness and empathy

Why use us

Our high quality resources enhance yours to enable students to acheive in their own reading and learning. Our reading initiatives help you to create a reading school.

Take a look at the Journey of a Project Box.

Our Specialisms:

  • Refurbishing your school library - stock audit and advice
  • Cost effective selection of books
  • Advice on library management systems
  • School staff CPD and pupil librarian training 
  • Book awards and other reading initiatives for students
  • SLS-UK School Library Award

Tailored Services

Our services are flexible and we can offer bespoke packages. If our standard subscriptions don't suit you we can also adapt your package. If you would like this at any point during the year please contact us to discuss your requirements.