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Schools Library Service (SLS)

The Service Offer

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We bring expertise, advice and resources to support reading strategiesd and curiculum teaching in schools, in line with Government and Ofsted objectives.


  • Our staff ensure books are up to date, relevant and of the highest quality
  • Borrowing books can work out cheaper then buying
  • Our services are wide ranging and diverse in their appeal to students at every key stage, supporting well-being and awareness of the individual and the world around them

Why use us

We provide teachers and schools with the high-quality resources , ideas and advice needed to spark in students a lifelong love of reading and learning 

Take a look at the Journey of a Project Box.

Our Specialisms:

  • Advice and support with your school library , including stock audits and book recommendations
  • Cost effective selection of resources
  • Advice on library management systems
  • School staff CPD  ,network meetings and pupil librarian training
  • Book awards and other reading initiatives for students

Tailored Services

Our services are flexible and we can offer bespoke packages if our standard subscriptions don't suit you

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.