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How WES can help you

About boy

At WES we make it easier for you to run your school or academy.

Our aim is simple - to support Warwickshire schools and academies achieve their objectives and maximise the value they deliver to pupils, parents and the community. Our range of specialist services are designed to work in partnership with you to help you to raise attainment, improve operations, develop your staff, develop your resources and ensure legal compliance.

People power

Staff Development – Helping you to develop staff with strong skills and knowledge who get the best out of pupils is what we do best. WES provides training and development opportunities for all staff and can help develop and support your school's leadership, management and governance. Our services like Education Safeguarding and Governor Development improve the strategic management of your school and all WES services provide specific training in their areas of specialisms.


Improving operations – WES helps you to optimise your resources to get the most for your money. Our professional consultancy services help you to improve operations and complement the skills you already have. Our office services like Finance, HR Advisory and ICT Development enable you to get the most from your budgets, staff and ICT.

Get results

Raising attainment – It's our core business to support schools and academies to raise pupil attainment. WES helps you to help every child fulfil their full potential through our portfolio of educational consultancy and peripatetic education services. All our pupil services such as Early Intervention, Educational Psychology, Schools Library and Heritage Education offer support across the whole spectrum of needs.

Save time

Resource Development and Management – Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to run a school and management of various systems and critical services can demand a lot of attention. WES can help you manage your assets, your hardware and services supplies as well as your day to day operations to save you valuable time. Our services like ICT and property related services as well as our Catering and Payroll services provide you with peace of mind that your day to day needs are met seamlessly through one provider.

Peace of mind

Legal Compliance – We know how complex and wide ranging the legislation surrounding education and schools is. WES can help by providing a range of licences, insurances and legal support giving you peace of mind that you are operating within the law. Our office services like ICT provide appropriate licence coverage for key activities whilst our Legal team is on hand to give you specialist advice when you need it. And our range of insurances provide cover for staff and buildings.