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Privacy notice, disclaimer and copyright


Privacy Notice, Disclaimer and Copyright, External Links & Cookies


Privacy Notice for Warwickshire Education Services (WES)

Our privacy notice can be found here



Warwickshire County Council is committed to protecting your privacy online.


If you are a user with general public access, the Warwickshire websites do not store or capture personal information, but merely logs a number called your IP address which is automatically recognised by the system.


The system will record personal information if you:

  • subscribe to or apply for services that require personal information
  • report a fault and give your contact details for us to respond
  • contact us and leave your details for us to respond


We employ cookie technology to help log visitors to our web site. A cookie is a string of information that is sent by a web site and stored on your hard drive or temporarily in your computer's memory. The information collected is used for the administration of the server and to improve the service provided by the web site. No personal information is collected this way. You can reject the use of cookies but you may be asked for information again, e.g. to participate in a survey. More information on the cookies we use online can be found on our cookies page.


This statement only covers websites maintained by us (warwickshire.gov.uk), and does not cover other web sites linked from our site.


WCC privacy notice


Warwickshire County Council copyright notice

Use where council restrictions apply

© Warwickshire County Council  



Material is strictly for your personal or non-commercial use, or use as stated on the information, free of charge under the Non-Commercial Government Licence.


This is subject to the material being reproduced accurately and not being used in a misleading way. When the material is being republished or copied to others, the source of the material must be identified and the copyright status acknowledged by including the following attribution: "© Warwickshire County Council, licensed under the Non-Commercial Government Licence".


In respect of any other use, you are prohibited from copying, distributing or publishing any of the information unless you have obtained the Council's express written permission to do so. If you wish to seek permission from the Council to re-use information under the Public Sector Information Regulations, you should apply using the application form in the documents and downloads section. There may be a charge for the use of the information and, if so, this will be notified to you.


Third party copyright and restrictions

The permission to reproduce copyright material does not extend to any material which is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Authorisation to reproduce such material must be obtained from the copyright holder concerned. This includes material marked as © Crown Copyright and material held by libraries and local collections in the County Record Office. See their copyright page on how to apply


External links

Warwickshire County Council accepts no liability for the content, performance, accuracy, privacy or availability of external websites. Views expressed on external websites and on any social networking services (including those offered by the council) do not necessarily represent the views of or endorsement by Warwickshire County Council.




What are cookies? Cookies are small files of letters and numbers downloaded on to a device when you access certain websites. Cookies allow our website to recognise a user's device and provide content accordingly.


The law which applies to how cookies are used for storing information on your equipment (such as your computer or mobile device) changed on 26 May 2011. We will provide you with clear information about how our sites use cookies, and how to disable them if you wish.


Cookies on this website. We use a session cookie to ensure persistent connections to our servers.


If you want to block this cookie from being downloaded we recommend that you disable cookies directly within your browser. Blocking our session cookie will result in you being unable to log in to our website via secure HTTPS links. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you don’t block this type of cookie.