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SLS - Supporting Reading and Learning


Warwickshire SLS serves all schools in Warwickshire and any from surrounding counties where there is no SLS provision.

Subscriptions cover:


·  Learning Resources: project collections                          

·  Reading Resources: supporting reading for pleasure 


Project Collections 

These are delivered to school and collected again at the start and end of each term, typically one per class.  Teachers submit requests for their class the previous term allowing our staff time to ensure adequate resources and to buy in new stock as required.

We cover all National Curriculum topics for both primary and secondary schools covering many general interest topics too.

Where possible a relevant artefact, storysack or whiteboard resource is included free-of-charge in the box.


Collections to support reading for pleasure  

Predominantly fiction, but also including books of poetry and non-fiction subject leisure interest, these are annual loans of between 150 and 800 books.

Typically, half the total is exchanged annually, allowing collections to be refreshed with new and recently published stock.  Many schools transfer these books by automatic download to their own issue systems in order to lend on to pupils via the school library.

Schools can opt for specific types and levels of fiction according to need.

We also offer e-books via a dedicated platform. 


Please contact us if you would like any further information.