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Educational Psychology Service (EPS)

The Service Offer

Subscription Services

The application of psychology to overcome individual and system barriers, enable participation, promote effective inclusive provision locally, and thereby support positive life outcomes. 


  • Accurate Identification of psychological, emotional, social, academic, achievement, and developmental needs 
  • Psychological assessment for evidence based intervention and planning
  • Improved staff skills, knowledge, expertise and confidence 
  • Effective system level strategic and operational development 
  • Increased child and young person  engagement, motivation and participation in education
  • Improved parent and family confidence in partnership working  
  • Qualified independent professional advice from Educational Psychologist with current knowledge of both National and Warwickshire processes and pathways 
  • Close links with social care, health and other professional groups

Our Specialisms

  • Psychological analysis 
  • Problem solving, solution finding, and collaboration 
  • Direct support to children , young people and their families 
  • Staff training and broader support to implement and monitor interventions and approaches  
  • Individual psychological assessment to identify appropriate interventions

Tailored Services

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs – please contact us if you would like to discuss arranging a tailored package for your school.