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Accelerating Spelling and Language Skills



Unfortunately, due to unforeseen technical difficulties,   this Webinar series will not be available on the advertised dates. ( shown on flyer ) 

We apologise for any inconvenience and will send you the link for the new dates as soon as they are available.


      Literacy for All: Accelerating Spelling and Language Skills

                           Need to accelerate spelling and vocabulary 

          Need an approach that focuses on the critical skills to maximise impact


This training is free to access as part of our work supporting schools in line with the county’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the  success of the Accelerating Reading Progress Webinars,  Warwickshire and Staffordshire Educational Psychology Services are pleased to be offering a second series of Webinars for primary/secondary school staff, and other professionals, focusing on spelling and language/vocabulary skills.

Underpinned by the most up to date research these training sessions will provide:

Session 1: SPELLING

• An outline of how to apply the core instructional principles (explained in Series 1) to assess

   and teach the critical skills required for competent spelling.

• Training on using assessments that provide a complete profile of the young person’s

   spelling skills.

• Introduction to spelling intervention that will take 5 minutes per day and can be evaluated

   through independent writing.



• Information on the importance of vocabulary underpinning reading development.

• Detailed information on how to teach the blending and reading of words with letter

   combinations, introducing additional assessments targeting this area.

• How to incorporate the teaching of vocabulary into the daily reading interventions to further

   improve reading and literacy skills.



• Training on how to combine all the information from Series 1 & 2 Webinars, in order to

   implement a comprehensive literacy intervention throughout school.

• Resources to embed practice that will improve reading, spelling and vocabulary for any

   learner where there are concerns about their literacy levels.

• Case studies demonstrating successful implementation in schools.


Once signed up, the Webinars will be available to watch via the email link, both live and after the


If you have problems accessing either link please call the Educational Psychology Telephone

Line on: 01926 742 921


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