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Governor Services

The Service Offer

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We help ensure your governing board has the knowledge, skills and confidence to exercise effective governance of your school.


Our service:

  • We provide an extensive Governor Training focussed on practical solutions, not just theory.
  • Gives access to a fully supported Clerking Service 
  • Enhances governor skills through our extensive training programme 
  • Offers support and advice to Governors, Governance Professionals and Headteachers

Why use us

Good Governance leads to Good schools 

Our Service supports Governing Boards and Headteachers to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in leading and managing their school efficiently, effectively and in accordance with law. 

Please see our Governor Services Professional Development Programme for Governors, Headteachers and Governance Professionals of Maintained Schools

Our Specialisms

  • All team members have an active role on a Governing Board as a Governor, Chair or Governance Professional
  • A knowledgeable team who provides year-round advice and guidance on all matters relating to the role of Governing Boards 
  • We offer a wide variety of training and development opportunities through a well-respected and successful programme of courses 
  • We offer in-school training sessions and consultancy as well as access to high quality online training,  
  • We offer a Professional Clerking Service, which includes recruiting, training and appointing a Governance Professional to support your Governing Board. 

Tailored Services

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs – please contact us if you would like to discuss arranging a tailored package for your school.