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Governor Service

We help ensure your governing board has the knowledge, skills and confidence to exercise effective governance of your school.

As well as subscriptions, we offer a range of buy as you need services.  To purchase our buy as you need services, please contact us on the number opposite.

Services you can purchase

Contact us to discuss a tailored package for your school. We also offer a range of buy as you need services:

  • In house training sessions
  • Additional clerking board meetings
  • An external review of governance, including the follow up review
  • Recruitment & selection support for the Board
  • Head teacher Induction Programme
  • Facilitated Mini Review/ Self Evaluation Session
  • An audit of your School website 
  • Support for Complaints, Grievance & Exclusions Panels
  • Mediation Support

Service contact

Gurby Dhesi
01926 745137

Raise a service enquiry