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Warwickshire Heritage Learning Service

The Service Offer

Subscription Services  Buy as You Need Services

We bring the past to life through creative and immersive workshops that will inspire your students. 

Our subscription service offer includes loan boxes delivered to your school - loan boxes contain objects from Warwickshire museum normally reserved for display in the museum, offering children the opportunity to become curators and care for Warwickshire’s history in their school.

You will receive 6 loan boxes during the year. Each loan box is supported by videos, quizzes and games you can access in the classroom and use any time during the loan.

Enhanced subscription members can book a live, interactive, virtual workshop on a number of themes. Workshops are delivered by a member of the Heritage Education team in role.

 At the beginning of the school year we will work with you to find the package of loans that suits your school curriculum best and provide whole staff training on handling and caring for the objects.

Loan periods for each box is a term and we can support you to find the best way for the whole school to benefit from the cultural capital museum objects offer, across the curriculum. We will deliver and collect your loan boxes saving you a journey.

Our buy as you need service is available and flexible - more details on our service can be found through the buy as you need link above.