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Schools Library Service (SLS)

The Schools Library Service offers schools the easiest way to support curriculum and reading for pleasure needs. Our vast range of up-to-date and stimulating books and artefacts delivered to your door bring you the greatest return on investment possible.  The average cost of a new book with a jacket is £8, but borrowing from us gives an average price of £2.  We therefore believe our service offers you unparalleled value for money in delivering high quality resources to every learner.


  • We save you money – it is cheaper to borrow books from us than purchase them directly.
  • We save you time – our professionals research and assess the books we provide ensuring they are up to date, relevant and of the highest quality. This gives you more time to focus on teaching using our books and artefacts to support your curriculum.
  • Our resources last longer because paperbacks have sturdy jackets.
  • Our service helps schools to improve learning and reading resources and respond quickly to changing curriculum demands.

Why Buy our Service

Sourcing, selecting and buying books and then arranging for delivery and collection is a time-consuming and expensive.  Borrowing books and resources in bulk from SLS ensures you always have up to date fiction and class topic books available to supplement and enhance your purchased books.  Our stock is carefully selected afresh for each box, according to your request, to provide materials of high quality and breadth that support the national curriculum.  We also add an artefact into most curriculum boxes at no extra charge.

The Effectiveness of our Service

  • Save money! A subscription could save you around £5000 on the purchase price of the equivalent number of books 
  • Save Time! 100% of our books and project boxes are delivered to you when we promise 
  • Assured Quality! 100% of our training courses this year have received wholly positive feedback

Our Specialisms

  • Curriculum learning resources
  • Reading for pleasure resources
  • Library management
  • Library stock maintenance and refurbishment advice
  • Training - in Warwick or delivered directly into your school

Tailored Services

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs – please contact us if you would like to discuss arranging a tailored package for your academy.

Services you can purchase

Subscription Services  Buy as You Need Services

Service contact

Stella Thebridge
01926 413461

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