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Construction Service

The Service Offer

Subscription Services  Buy as You Need Services

We work in partnership with you and qualified professionals to take responsibility for resolving day-to-day maintenance issues; ensuring minor problems don’t turn into major issues; meaning education is less disrupted by emergency or unplanned repair work.  With adaptations, refurbishments, minor / major improvement and major development type works we act as a consultant offering a complete service from inception to completion of the project, taking responsibility for its design and delivery to cost, time and quality.  This means that your time investment is minimised to permit concentration on core school activities.


  • We deliver large economies of scale across all schools in Warwickshire that saves you money on repairs and adaptations.
  • We minimise the time you need to spend sourcing, securing and managing contractors and guarantee a contractor will be on site when needed for emergency / reactive works.
  • We are experts in our field and have specific knowledge of Warwickshire’s education buildings.
  • We work with one supplier for the delivery of all Mechanical and Electrical reactive, planned and servicing works giving you consistency of delivery and bringing a range of service improvements.  This includes a faster turnaround of invoices and the development of AtlasWeb to enable you to follow the status of orders and access and all documentation associated with an order in one place.  

Why Buy our Service

Building reactive maintenance works can be time-consuming and complex, which happen without notice and can quickly escalate to major issues in the complexities of the school environment that can negatively impact upon your ability to provide teaching and learning. These often need the involvement of multiple parties in their resolution; all needing to be contacted by you. Our service does this on your behalf; minimising your time spent engaging contractors and removing your risk in dealing with multiple partners. 

We offer a range of buy as you need services covering the full range of emergency work, reactive work, servicing work and all planned work / projects that reflect and complement the different skills and abilities you may already have at your disposal in your academy.  These have been designed to minimise your input and risk, whilst maximising output.

The Effectiveness of our Service

  • 98% of reactive repairs are attended to within the specified timescale
  • 98% of all reactive repairs are fixed first time.
  • Through the ongoing development of our web based Client interface (Atlasweb), there is now access to real-time data and supporting documentation regarding the progress, resolutions and cost of works.
  • We have actively consolidated our supplier base to ensure rigorous performance management to ensure a high quality consistent output.
  • The services are designed around specific service outcomes including; Ongoing cost reduction; Risk to Health and Safety of staff and customers is minimised; High quality services are delivered on time and to standard; Business continuity is maintained; Warwickshire’s local economy is supported.
  • Fees and hourly rates maintained at 2013/2014 levels.