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Schools Finance - Vacancy or absence cover service


WES Finance has the capability, experience, and understanding to assist your school in making better informed financial decisions. None more so than at a time of challenge, and potential uncertainty, following a vacancy of absence in your school.


Whether the vacancy or absence is planned, be it the consequence of promotion or the seeking of a new employment opportunity, or whether the vacancy of absence is unplanned, due to short or long term absence, WES Finance has the skills, ambition and capacity to effectively manage the ongoing financial processes that deliver the continued financial reassurance your school requires and deserves.


The vacancy of absence service is tailored to best accommodate your school’s individual needs, whether it be short-term emergency cover, or a more strategic, long-term arrangement. The participatory, efficient and timely approach WES Finance embodies, guarantees a vacancy of absence need not cause undue disruption, on the contrary, WES Finance will ensure your school's leadership team can continue to make informed financial decisions that positively impact learners and staff.  


If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail for a tailored quote please Enquire Here for a call back from our Finance team.