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Educaterers 'recipe a day' success and the infamous chocolate cracknell!


A couple of weeks ago we told you about Educaterers’ and their 'recipe a day' which they have been sharing on the Council's social media channels, recognising that many children remaining at home during lockdown were missing their usual school lunches.


They started by sharing the recipes that feature in the Educaterers Recipe Book, which was developed last year to help pupils and their families to re-create some of the school meals they enjoy at home and to encourage healthy eating. 

The online recipes have proved so popular with parents – with families sharing photographs of what they have cooked at home on social media – that Educaterers are now publishing even more of their recipes in response to special requests!

Far and away the most popular recipe so far has been that for Chocolate Cracknell – described as a ‘legendary’ school lunch treat for anyone that went to school in Warwickshire!

Other popular shared recipes have included Sausage Rolls with a Twist, Up-Beet Chocolate Muffins, Rainbow Cupcakes and Tuna Pasta Bake – with many more to come.

The Educaterers recipe posts have even been shared by a national government Minister – and one tweet sharing the recipe campaign tagged the Education Secretary and the Prime Minister himself!

One parent commented “It is very cool. I’m glad they are doing it as lots of kids miss school and the lunches and puddings”.

So a huge thank you to everyone that has got involved and has been sharing the recipes from our WCC Facebook and Twitter accounts.