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Educaterers preparations for a No Deal Brexit and your school meal provision


Educaterers preparations for a No Deal Brexit and your school meal provision

The message below is being shared on behalf of school catering service Educaterers.

Any schools not using Educaterers are advised to seek assurances from their own catering providers if they haven't already done so.

As there is currently a lot of speculation in the press about what may happen to food supplies should the UK Brexit with no deal on 31 October 2019, I am writing to reassure you that Educaterers have had plans in place for some time to ensure the pupils and staff at your school/nursery school are provided with hot meals at lunchtime in the unlikely event of any disruption to food supplies and/or deliveries.

We have excellent, long established and trusted relationships with our suppliers who have assured us that as the majority of our ingredients are sourced from within the UK they are not anticipating any disruption to supply and we have also decided not to change the menu in November, as in previous years, to maintain established buying patterns. However, as a precaution your catering team will be holding additional food stocks in case they are needed and we will advise you of any short term changes to the lunch menu if they become necessary.

In turn I’m sure you will wish to provide reassurance to your parents and I hope you find these words will be useful in being able to do that.

Feedback from our customers tells us that the current menu cycle is one of our most popular and new photo menus with extended dates will be printed and distributed shortly.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: contactus@educaterers.co.uk