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Inference Training

06/02/2020 in Pound Lane Learning Centre Enquire about Course

Duration: 6:30

Time: 09:30 - 16:00

11 places available

Price: £265

Address: Leamington Spa, CV32 7RT

Lunch will be provided

Course description

Inference training is a group intervention for pupils in KS2 and KS3 who decode adequately but fail to get full meaning and enjoyment from their reading. Evidence suggests one in ten pupils who decode satisfactorily, fail to get full meaning and enjoyment from reading.


Key Information about Inference Training:

·       Inference training was highly recommended in Professor Greg Brooks’ study What works for children and young people with literacy difficulties

·       It is for KS2/3 pupils who decode adequately but experience comprehension difficulties

·       It is a group intervention but training includes whole school strategies to boost comprehension

·       In the group intervention, 4 pupils work with an adult (trained Level 2/3 TA or Teacher) for 40 minutes a session, twice a week for 10 weeks. (But adults need an extra 20 minutes per lesson to include planning and recording time)

·       Groups that have two sessions a week for 8-10 weeks make an average of 12 months progress in comprehension age (2/3 sub levels)

·       The Inference Folder/DVD is only available to schools that      access the training


Service contact

Melinda Twells
01926 736162

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