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HR and Payroll Service

The Service Offer

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Our service helps academies to succeed through proactive, targeted support and advice to facilitate excellent people management. You will have access to the professional services you need which enable you to reduce sickness, manage performance and pay your staff accurately and on time.


  • Through proactive and targeted support that is solution focussed, we help you to manage sickness absence, under-performance and conduct issues so that you can develop a workforce that delivers the best outcomes for your pupils.
  • We are quick to respond to legislative and statutory changes due to our links with a wide range of other partners, services and national agencies meaning you are kept up to date and supported with implementing the wide range of legislative and statutory changes.
  • Our service gives you confidence that your staff will be paid accurately and on time – our error rates are consistently well below 1% and we calculate all third party payments on your behalf and make your statutory returns.
  • We support your recruitment campaigns by sourcing engaged candidates from a wide pool leading to more appointments being made from the first advert.

Why Buy our Service

Maintaining effective employee relationships takes a lot of work, time and commitment.  Performance management in particular can often be a very time consuming process especially when disciplinary and grievance actions are required.  In such cases you will need to use a range of policies and procedures to produce an effective result and support and guidance through the process can be crucial. Our service provides comprehensive advice and guidance that is accessible through the WES website, over the phone or through face-to-face support.  Add to that a highly effective Payroll Service and you will have access to an integrated service to support excellent people management in your academy.

New for 2015/16

We have fundamentally redesigned our service for 2015/16.  Our two new levels of HR advice, a newly designed Payroll service together with a range of buy as you need services provide you with a comprehensive range of solution focussed and proactive HR and Payroll services.  

You will also now have one number to call for Customer Services and your query will either be dealt with at the first point of contact or referred to service specialists as required.  

The Effectiveness of our Service

  • We run an efficient payroll processing service with an error rate of below 1%
  • We process over 330,000 payslips per year
  • 100% of payrolls have been processed on time for the past five years.  
  • 100% of deadlines for the provision of statutory returns to various external bodies are met every year

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs – please contact us if you would like to discuss arranging a tailored package for your school.