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Welcome to On-line Self-Support

Online Self-Support is a facility to help people meet their own care and support needs using local products and services:

* It is instant
* No assessment is needed
* You choose which services to buy and use
* It is completely private, you do not have to give identity details

Note: Online Self-Support is not a substitute for the council's care needs assessment process. If you appear to be in need of care and support, or if you are at all unsure, please contact our Customer Service Centre who can help and advise.

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Warwickshire County Council holds no responsibility for the information provided on the self-support tool and does not endorse any of the listed services. The council invites local support services to use the tool to promote their service and help local people find appropriate support to meet their needs but does not own or control this information.

All the data is owned and provided by the listed services and we have no control over accuracy, completeness or appropriateness of this content. We need to make you aware that by choosing to use the site you accept responsibility for using the information provided and accessing the services listed and you understand that neither Warwickshire County Council nor any of its employees are responsible or liable for any resulting claim, loss or damage. For full details, see our  Privacy policy, disclaimer and copyright page


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