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Harmful Practices Web Pages

Throughout the world, there are many different types of harmful practices that violate human rights, predominantly of women.

On these pages, professionals can access posters giving information about:

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Honour Based Violence (HBV)

Forced Marriage

Please download and print copies to display in offices and staff areas. If you are unable to print the posters, small numbers of copies are available by contacting vawg@warwickshire.gov.uk.

In addition, the links in each section will enable you to access a wealth of information, national resources, e-learning modules and local support services for each of the harmful practices.

Contact Information

Contact Telephone Number:
For confidential, non-judgmental and independent support in Warwickshire, call Refuge – Warwickshire Domestic Violence Service on 0800 408 1552.
Contact email address:

Other information

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