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Sorted! is a self-help book collection aimed to help young people get through life, covering common problems and situations, such as parents separating, the loss of someone close, eating disorders, anger management and self-esteem.

Contact Information

Contact Telephone Number:
Warwickshire Library and Information Service Tel: 03005 558171
Details of local libraries with BOP collection are available on the BOP website (See below)
Contact email address:
Warwickshire Library enquiries: libraryenquiryteam@warwickshire.gov.uk

Other information

Service details:

Shelf Help and Sorted! books are self help book collections aimed at young people which can help with concerns such as anxiety and stress or more specific concerns or difficult experiences such as eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. The books are also likely to be useful for parents, carers and anyone working with young people.

​​Shelf Help is a national Reading Well collection created by the reading charity The Reading Agency.
Sorted! was developed locally in Warwickshire using NICE guidelines with selection undertaken by health professionals and young people at Warwickshire College.
Both collections are available through Warwickshire Libraries.

Opening times:
Please check your local library for opening times
Who is this service for?:

Sorted! is aimed at young people.


GPs, heath and education professionals, and organisations working with young people can signpost young people to the collections.
Visit www.warwickshire.gov.uk/sorted to browse the collection online via the library catalogue.
A number of books are also available as ebooks.
Sorted! books can be obtained from any Warwickshire Library. If the public library does not have a Sorted! collection it will be reserved free of charge.
The books can be borrowed for 3 weeks, but this can easily be extended, either phone the 24/7 renewal line 01926 499273 or visit www.warwickshire.gov.uk/libraries
Sorted! book collections are available for anyone to browse or borrow from the 8 main libraries,
Shelf Help are available at 18 of the council run libraries - please see
Library loans & borrower details are treated as strictly confidential information.

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