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Fit for Work

All GPs in England can refer their working patients to this service 'Fit for Work' if they have been or are likely to be off work for four weeks or more.
Fit for Work is free, confidential and voluntary, and includes in-depth assessment, a personalised return to work plan and managed support to get back to work.
Employers in England and Wales will be able to refer their employees to the service for an occupational health assessment from the autumn.

Research has shown that prolonged absence from work damages people’s social and financial well-being, as well as their health, and the longer someone is off sick the harder it is for them to get back to work.

According to government statistics, around 815,000 working people in England each year have sickness absence of four weeks or more. Research indicates that, without support, a significant proportion will struggle to return to work.

The service complements existing occupational health services. It is expected to be of particular value to small and medium sized firms where in-house support is limited or not available. The Fit for Work advice service went live in December 2014. The roll-out of the referral service began in March.

Contact Information

Contact Telephone Number:
0800 032 6235

Other information

Service details:

Employee health and wellbeing

Opening times:
Opening hours advice: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm Opening hours assessment: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm
Who is this service for?:

Working patients if they have been or are likely to be off work for four weeks or more.


Contact the advice line 0800 032 6235 or refer by completing an online referral form - https://referral.fitforwork.org/en/gp/Referral/GpQuickCreate

Last updated on 26/04/2017 10:46 BST