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Reading Well Books on Prescription

Reading Well Books on Prescription (BOP) helps people manage their own health and wellbeing through recommended self-help books, audio CDs and e-books. There are resources covering a range of topics including anxiety, depression, stress, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. There are also 25 books on dementia.

All BOP books are nationally approved by GPs & health professionals. Resources are available in over 20 Warwickshire libraries for anyone to browse and borrow free of charge (see BOP webpages for libraries with BOP collections). GPs and health professionals can also 'prescribe' titles in the collection.

Contact Information

Contact Telephone Number:
Warwickshire Library and Information Service Tel: 03005 558171
Details of local libraries with BOP collection are available on the BOP website (See below)
Contact email address:
Warwickshire Library enquiries:libraryenquiryteam@warwickshire.gov.uk

Other information

Service details:

Self-help books, audio CDs and e-books

Opening times:
Please check your local library for opening times. 'E' books can be accessed 24/7
Who is this service for?:

The books are freely available to all Warwickshire residents. To borrow a book, a Warwickshire library card or BOP prescription is needed


BOP offers self help books and audio CDs to support people to manage their own well-being. The scheme can be accessed freely through the Warwickshire Library service. GPs and health professionals can also prescribe BOP books. BOP collections are also available to browse in Wellbeing for Warwickshire service bases. For details of the Wellbeing for Warwickshire services, please visit: http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/mentalhealth or www.cwmind.org.uk/wbw

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