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Warwickshire Vision Support

Welcome to Warwickshire Vision Support, the primary provider of services for visually impaired people in Warwickshire.

We have been supporting visually impaired people for more than a century and offer a comprehensive Rehabilitation service as well as a wide range of recreational, social and learning-based activities.

Warwickshire Vision Support is a local charity for local people. We are not affiliated to any national organisation and work solely for the benefit of visually impaired people in Warwickshire and Coventry.

Service details

We are contracted by Warwickshire County Council to provide Rehabilitation Services to visually impaired people living in Warwickshire.
Our service gives you the opportunity to develop new skills so that you can continue to lead an independent and fulfilled life. This includes
• Getting out and about safely and using public transport – including the use of mobility aids, learning routes to and from key locations and how to understand and interpret sensory street infrastructure.
• Building confidence and moving safely around your home – addressing issues such as effective lighting and maximising your remaining vision
• Health and safety in the home particularly when cooking and making hot drinks. Our Rehabilitation Officers can help you to use household appliances safely and introduce you to specialist equipment.
• Support with correspondence and communication. This may include the use of magnifiers to help with reading and the use of telephones and assistive technology. Assessments and training are undertaken in people’s homes.
• Advice and referral to other services

You can be referred to the Rehabilitation Service via a number of different services including your low vision clinic and the local authority.

We also maintain the Register of Blind and Partially Sighted People in Warwickshire on behalf of the County Council.

It is not mandatory for you to join the register but it can help you qualify for some benefits. You will need to have a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) signed by your ophthalmologist in order to be registered.

Contact Information

Contact Telephone Number:
01926 411331
5 Charles Court, Budbrooke Road, Warwick
Contact email address:

Other information

Service details:

Rehabilitation service

Opening times:
Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm
Who is this service for?:

Visually impaired people


Referrals: From GP’s, Community Health Professionals, OT’s, Optometrists, Social Worker, Hospital Eye Clinics.

Costs: Mainly free service. Payment for some equipment and contribution towards club costs.
Last updated on 26/04/2017 10:45 BST