Notice to opt out of pension saving

Opting out of the Local Government Pension Scheme in England or Wales

For Warwickshire County Council

Employees Only

Please Enter Your Details

Name of post (or posts) from which you wish to opt out of membership of the LGPS:


I declare that by opting out of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) I am knowingly giving up the opportunity to participate in the LGPS which would provide a guaranteed package of benefits which are backed by law including:

  • a secure pension – payable for life that increases with the cost of living
  • tax free cash – the option to exchange part of my pension for some tax-free cash at retirement
  • voluntary early retirement – from age 60, or from age 55 with my employer’s consent (even though the scheme’s normal pension age if 65). Benefits drawn before normal age may be reduced for early payment.
  • serious ill-health cover – if I have to retire due to a serious illness I could receive immediate benefits based on an enhanced period of scheme membership
  • redundancy cover – with the early payment of pension benefits if I am made redundant or retired on business efficiency grounds at 55 or over
  • life cover – with a lump sum of three times my final pay if I die in service
  • cover for my family upon my death – including a survivor’s pension for my husband, wife, civil partner or nominated cohabiting partner as well as children’s pensions

I have read the above and understand that the choices I make now are important in planning for my retirement. I confirm that I wish to opt out of pension saving in the post(s) I have indicated on this form.

I understand that if I opt out I will lose the right to pension contributions from my employer.