Warwickshire Open Data

Archaeological Sites and Monuments

Locations of archaeological sites and monuments in Warwickshire

Caveats for use:

This data shows records of Archaeological Sites and Monuments in the modern county of Warwickshire and has been extracted from the Warwickshire Historic Environment Record (HER), Warwickshire Museum, Warwickshire County Council, any use of the data should acknowledge this as the source.

Whilst every reasonable attempt has been made to maintain the accuracy of the data there are no guarantees as to the accuracy of any of the information. The data is compiled from diverse sources on an ongoing basis.

This data should not be used for any purposes that damage, or could lead to damage to, archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscapes. The inclusion of an archaeological feature in the data does not imply any right of public access to that archaeological feature.

The data is for information purposes only and should not be used in any commercial sense or as evidence to form any decisions relating to the Historic Environment.

This data is an extract of detailed records from the HER. If you have any questions about the data or would like to find out further information about the Historic Environment in Warwickshire please contact : sitesandmonuments@warwickshire.gov.uk or visit our website: http://warwickshire.gov.uk.timetrail

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Author Archaeological Information and Advice

Contact email sitesandmonuments@warwickshire.gov.uk

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Publish date 28/10/2010

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